Running dragon without any arguments will list commands

Many commands have multiple aliases

You can combine most commands to do multiple actions with one command.

Packaging Commands

Creating a new project/module

dragon n, dragon new, dragon nic, dragon edit, or dragon create

Opens the Project Editor

Building a package

dragon b, dragon build, or dragon make

Clean Building a package

dragon c or dragon clean will clean the ‘build cache’

Combine it with the build command to run a clean build (e.g. dragon c b)

Device Commands

Setting up a device

dragon s or dragon device Can be used to set up an installation target

Installing a package

dragon i or dragon install installs a package

Combine it with the build command, or use dragon do to build and install a package

Respringing a device

dragon rs or dragon respring will respring the current device

Running a command on the device

dragon dr <commands> or dragon devicerun will execute anything after the command on the device (don’t use quotes)

Installing any deb on the device

dragon sn <file> or dragon send <file> anywhere on your drive, where <file> is a .deb, will install that deb on your device.

Building and installing to the iOS Simulator

Adding the sim command to a set of commands targets the simulator, and if added to an install command, will install it to the iOS simulator